The London scarf by Richard Allan was first printed in 1965 as a celebration of the bright shining phenomenon known as ‘Swinging London’. It was a period of optimism, freedom of expression and more than a little hedonism which saw creative types from musicians and writers to photographers, film-makers and the ever prominent fashion pack migrating from all over the world to join the artistic revolution. The Rolling Stones were held in almost godlike esteem, Carnaby Street and Kings Road were virtual fashion parades led by the reigning queens of style – Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. The legendary Mary Quant mini skirt dominated ….and the accessory of choice – the silk square.

Modern London has retained this atmosphere of artistic culture encompassing fashion, interiors, music, literature. Fuelled by its huge cultural diversity and spirit of adventure our capital continues to attract the world’s attention. London is a force to be reckoned with and what better way to pledge your allegiance than sporting this elegant classic depiction of the city we adore.

Available in both scarf and print form, the art itself is a beautifully executed pen line work with favourite London landmarks  offset with trees and leaves from London’s beloved Hyde Park. Scarf and print are accompanied by a guide to each building so you need never be tripped up by admiring curious friends!

London We Love You ……

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*We are delighted to announce you can now find ‘London’ scarf at one of the best known landmarks in town – St Paul’s Cathedral*


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